Epidemic Linux - for new generation

"Windows sux. Use tux. Need no bux."

Epidemic is a easy Linux for beginners users in Linux. It is based on Debian-testing. You can test the Epidemic with Live DVD mode. Epidemic installer to the pc is very fast on install process, maybe in 5 minutes on general.

Epidemic GNU/Linux is a Brazilian Debian based Linux distribution with KDE as the main desktop. Ofcourse it is very friendly and useful for all kinds of users. Plus easy-to-use installer, 3D desktop features with CompizFusion, use of the GFXBoot bootloader, out-of-the-box support for numerous proprietary and non-free kernel drivers, and support for a variety of media codecs.

Advantages of Epidemic Linux: great free experience, new stable and fast distributions are coming. English version available. Living community and all standard Linux advantages.

Epidemic Girl

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