Mageia - blue magic of Linux

"Fatal Error: Found MS-Windows System -> Repartitioning Disk for Mageia."

Mageia is a GNU/Linux-based, Free Software operating system. It is a community project, supported by a nonprofit organisation of elected contributors. is is the French, Paris-based legal structure supporting the Mageia project. It started in 2010 as a fork of Mandriva Linux (before Mandrake).

The term "mageia" — μαγεία in Greek — means "magic" in English. Mandrake means "Magician". Mageia has been pretty popular ever since its original release last year. While all Linux distributions give you more choice than any other operating system, Mageia was one of the few distros that has a lot of these choices upfront. This is partly due to it being an offshoot of Mandriva, however the team at Mageia have taken it noticeably further.

Advantages of Mageia: Mageia comes with the Mageia Control Centre – an all encompassing graphical interface that gives you complete control over a lot of the core of the system. Boot options, updates, sources, hard drive partitions. Bugs are fixed relative fast. Community is nice and open.

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